lektor angielskiego


Cambridge Certificate. TEFLA.


London University.

- Post Graduate Teaching degree

- BA degree in Industrial Design

O sobie

I left Britain many years ago but try to keep in touch with it by including its culture in my on-line meetings. Thanks to globalization many things in Poland are shared by Britain but there are still interesting corners to explore, discuss and contraste. Europe is becoming just a very large village. The internet is a wonderful tool and I am addicted to it. Many students keep coming back for more so I think they are also addicted. It makes learning English fun. Teaching is a job that follows on from my original interest in art and design training. I use visuals a lot on-line. A picture is worth a thousand words. There are so many wonderful sites and images to be found.

I bought a digital camera many years ago after abandoning my faithful Praktica. Hours of poisoning myself with chemicals. You can have a picture out of central Krakow and in an email in an hour. There are still many interesting things to photograph and with a computer you can do so much more with them. I spend a lot of my time taking photographs reading Stephen King and watching Youtube.

Kontakt       POL: (+48) 12 444 6929     SKYPE: edoo.pl